Parent Reviews

Top notch environment for my child with Autism who was struggling with being “odd or different” in the public school. Our 1st year, our experience from every teacher was as God commanded ‘to love thy neighbors as ourselves’. Daily devotionals instilled Christ’s love for us, regardless of our abilities or disabilities, while living in a broken world. Very happy with the education designed specifically for the exact level each child is at for each subject.

~Megan Harpine, July 2017 on Google Reviews

Our son made the decision on his own to transfer out of our public high school which he loved to attend Brookwood. This decision was very difficult but it was the only way he would be able to get his high school diploma with his learning disability. He was a year behind with his credits. Brookwood helped him to get caught up and receive his diploma in 2 years. Also, he nor us ever felt oppressed in our Faith. Aaron always freely shared his faith and if we ever had a question about curriculum, assignments or class discussions relating to matters of faith we did not hesitate to ask about it.

~Robert Strother, July 2017 on Google Reviews

My daughter was going to a school that specialized in learning disabilities. Her school was forced to close suddenly just 3 weeks before school started in the fall. We panicked looking for a place where our daughter could get the special care that we had come to expect. We interviewed at 8 different schools, all of which were more than eager to show us their awards and talk about their achievements. A mutual friend told us about Brookwood. When we arrived for our interview, rather than walking us past a trophy case and lauding the school’s achievements, Kim sat us down and said, “Tell me about your little girl.” That was in 2012, we have never had one minute of doubt that our daughter was receiving a top-notch education. Oh and my daughter, she’s entering college next spring, at 16.

~Bryon Finkel, July 2017 on Google Reviews

Brookwood Christian School was a perfect fit for my son. He has many learning challenges and traditional curriculum was a constant source of stress for him. Thank God we found Brookwood. The teachers were able teach my son the joy of learning at his level while challenging him to seek higher academic success.

~Danielle Anderson, July 2017 on Google Reviews

I am so thankful to BCS for everything they did for my son. He never would have graduated high school if he had been in public school. I looked into many different schools but they did not have the loving atmosphere I felt at BCS. Because of the small class sizes, individual attention to his specific learning needs, and the caring teachers not only did he graduate but he went on to a Jr College to play baseball and will be attending a Division 1 College in the fall on a baseball scholarship.

~Kristen Reed, July 2017 on Google Reviews

Our daughter adopted as a baby from Russia has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and we tried every option we could to educate her. But, when it came to math, she was stuck. From private school to homeschool, nothing worked. She started Brookwood 3 years ago and today is learning math, but also social skills and has a much higher self esteem without feeling “different”! Her classmates grow together and build each other up with special directives and constant hands on work from their teachers. Now she understands it’s OK to be slower/different and she has things about her she excels in and can be proud of! She will be a 9th grader next year and that alone is a miracle! Brookwood was founded/directed by Kim and Kevin Wigington who are strong Christians, though very accepting of all students regardless of faith. They strive to instill Christian morals and values and meet the kids where they are…taking them to their full potential. The teachers at Brookwood are happy and personally supportive of each child’s successes inside/outside the classroom. This school has given our kids something that no other can. It offeres what they need, in a way they can learn grow from it!

~March 2015 at

Brookwood Christian Language School was the best thing we ever did for our daughter. We had our daughter tested for learning difficulty and found out she had Dyslexia. We were amazed that the public school never identified her specific learning disability and the public school didn’t have the resources to effectively help her. The school is like her family. They understand her challenges and work on building her self confidence and advancing her education. She loves school again. It was amazing. They use a special program that helps children learn to read. The class sizes are small and her learning is adapted to her needs. My husband and I are so glad we made the change. We only wish we had made is sooner. Our daughter is incredibly intelligent. She just needed the extra support and confidence to excel.

~February 2015 at