Getaway Details

We have included any limitations and exclusions of which we have been informed in full detail, along with calendars, if available.

These are listed in the order they appear in the Auction Catalog.

Two Nights in Blue Ridge, offered by Toccoa House Properties

Details about The Carriage House
Availability check available
Holidays excluded with this offer.

Seven Day Oceanfront Getaway, offered by William & Michelle Seiz

Details about the Condo at Majestic Towers
Availability check available
Peak Season & Holidays excluded, however Thanksgiving & Christmas are available with this offer.

Being Shellfish, offered by David & Jennifer Lewis

A week stay on St. George Island

Details about Being Shellfish
Availability check available
High Season & Holidays Excluded.
High Season: Month of March, June, and July, and the last week of May.
Holidays: Those included in High Season, the weeks of Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Year’s Eve

Weekend Stay Atlanta Marriott Northwest

Details about Atlanta Marriott Northwest
Includes parking and breakfast buffet at The Marketplace both days
Reservations must be made 3 business days in advance
Subject to availability

Under the Tuscan Sun

Details about the Resorts & Calendars
Offering a 7 night stay for 4 people in 2019 or beyond
Trips are scheduled:
Saturday to Saturday in Zolira, Natalia, and Bambini
Thursday to Thursday in Terrazza, Veranda, Fiorella, and Rosavia
Friday to Friday in Mira Bella, Allegra, Bellavista, and Giovanna

This trip cannot be sold, bartered, or traded without the written consent of the owner

There is a $500 per person extra charge if the home can accommodate more than 4 people.
visit: for more details

Cancun Family Vacation

-Resorts Available: Laguna Suites or Ocean Spa Hotel
-Offering a 5day/4night stay for 2 adults (30 to 70 years old) plus 2 children under 12
-Airfare not included
-not valid for travel by adults who are full time students without gainful employment or by adults whose profession is in the travel, hotel, cruise line or airline industries
-You must register your certificate within 30 days after receiving it to be able to use it
-Reservations for special holidays such as New Year, President’s Week, Passover, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas require the payment of an additional $199 USD fee

Detailed Terms & Conditions
Cancun Cards Details