BoxTops for Education

An Ea$y Way to Earn Ca$h for Brookwood Christian

Clipping Box Tops is an easy way to help earn cash for our school.

Each one is worth 10¢ for our school! Just look for the pink Box Tops on hundreds of products.

All you have to do is clip them and send them to school.

Help us earn more money with Box Tops for Education® Bonus App


Click HERE for a list of products that have the Box Tops.

Collect the Box Tops and either:

  1. Tape/Glue/Staple to one of the collection sheets provided to the right, below the progress meter, or
  2. Collect in a Ziploc bag or envelope.
  3. Keep BONUS certificates separate and send with collection sheets or baggies.
  4. Make sure each of your Box Tops has a visible, valid expiration date and product code.

Once you have 50 in a bag/envelope,
or a full sheet, send to school with your student.
We do the rest!

Collection Sheets

Standard Sheet – 50
Color Sheet – 50
Large BT Sheet – 25
Summer Fun Sheet – 30
Sports Sheet – 25
School Supplies – 25
Fall Harvest – 25
Winter Hats&Mittens – 25
Music – 25
Valentines Day – 25
St. Patricks’s Day – 25
ShamROCKS – 25
Chasing Butterflies – 25
Hopscotch – 25