School Supply Donations

Many of you have requested a list of supplies, as we will not be doing this the traditional way because of cancelling Sneak-a-Peek due to COVID-19. Unlike previous years, the teacher lists are for each student to bring so that we avoid unnecessary sharing of materials.

Please check back as this list will be updated as teachers are making their lists and you may also get information from them via email.

non classroom specific

* Toilet paper
* Paper towels
* Tissues
* Cleaning supplies
* Disinfectants
* Copy paper

Please send any of these donations to Ms. Danielle if your student is in 100 building, or Ms. Becky of your student is in 200 building. Or give to classroom teacher with note to give to either of them.


Ms. Alicia
* Spiral notebook (for math class only)
* Binder or folder with brads
* Paper
* Pencils
* Individual pencil sharpener (suggested)
* Earbuds or headphones
* Calculator:
For ALL applied math classes: Basic calculator that can perform basic functions of adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing,etc. NO calculators that perform higher functions.
For pre-algebra and above:
Texas Instruments TI-30Xa or equivalent (T-I30XS is what we use at school they are used to)

Ms. D’anna
* Paper Mate Pink Pearl Erasers, Medium, 24 Count $7.87
* TICONDEROGA Pencils, Wood-Cased, Unsharpened, Graphite #2 HB Soft, Yellow, 96-Pack (13872)   $10.28
* CN-Outlet Kids Bulk Earbud Headphones 50 Pack Multi Colored, Individually Bagged, Wholesale Disposable Earphones Perfect for School Classroom Libraries Students (50Mixed)

Ms. Deb
* Notebook paper
* 2″ Binders (for each class)
* Ticonderoga Pencils
* Amazon Gift Cards or Walmart Gift Card (to use for supplies through the year)

Ms. Kristen
* headphones for Mindplay (compatable with their chromebook)
* pencils, highlighters, makers, crayons
* lined paper
* index cards
* hand held pencil sharpener  

* Each Wilson student will need a notebook ONLY FOR WILSON to hold loose paper & can store in their lockers

Ms. Nadiya
Gift Cards:
* Hobby Lobby
* Michaels
* Walmart
* Target
* Please keep in mind that this year we cannot share any supplies. I will need to purchase an individual set for every student. Your generous donations are highly appreciated

Ms. Noelle
* 1″ Binder
* Pencils
* Pencil Holder
* Pencil Sharpener
* Ear buds
* $5-10 Target or WalMart card and I will buy whatever else is needed.

Ms. Terri
Health Classes
* Stretch bands
* 2 inch notebook or binder
Other Classes, as available
* Clorox wipes
* Lysol Spray

No 2020 Sneak-a-Peek

Brookwood Christian is committed to providing students and employees with a safe and healthy workplace. Because of the current COVID-19 situation there wiill be NO SNEAK-A-PEEK this year.

We understand the importance of SNEAK-A-PEEK and are saddened by this decision, but we would be remiss to have large congregations of people the day before school starts, and we also do not want to put the City in a position where we may violate local gathering ordinances.

Thank you for understanding this procedure to ensure the safety of our staff, students, families, and our community.

Click HERE for our COVID-19 Resources

Hand Sanitizer Concerns

We are aware of the ongoing concerns regarding hand sanitizers containing methanol.

Methanol, formerly a by product of the destructive distillation of wood, is now produced for applications such as fuel or fuel additives as well as other industrial purposes. It is also an unfortunate product of poor alcohol distillation processes.

Methanol can be toxic when absorbed through the skin or ingested and can be life-threatening when ingested.

According to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration:

“Methanol is not an acceptable ingredient for hand sanitizers and must not be used due to its toxic effects. FDA’s investigation of methanol in certain hand sanitizers is ongoing. The agency will provide additional information as it becomes available. “

FDA Updates on Hand Sanitizers with Methanol

Please be assured that Brookwood Christian is closely monitoring the FDA list to ensure that none of these products is used at our school.

You can click HERE for FDA list to enter NDC numbers on sanitizer to check if a product is affected.

Email issues


I’m having issues with emails stripping attachments and links, as well as me accidentally sending emails to everyone rather than those who need it. I apologize.

Meanwhile, here is the waiver for those who need it as well as the link for FACTS tuition set up instructions

FACTS tuition set up instructions.

We will also have our COVID-19 Policy finalized later this week after we update with most recent guidelines

Thank you for your patience!



Since we have migrated to a platform that combines Tuition and SIS (formerly RenWeb) functions, setting up tuition is slightly different than in the past. Images have PC screen shots on left and mobile device on right.

In order to have your 2020-2021 tuition set up, you must first set up a payment plan. To do this you will need to sign in to your FAMILY PORTAL account. If you are new to the school, you will need to create one for the financially responsible parent(s)/guardian(s). You can do that HERE or follow the quick link on the right toolbar (PC) or scroll down (mobile device). You can either save the link or go back to website to use in future.

This will take you to the LOGIN SCREEN where you will enter your username and password. If you have not done this before, you need to create an account. Be SURE you select “Parent”.

For those setting up for the first time:

Please note that ONCE YOU START setup, you will have SIX HOURS TO COMPLETE SETUP!

Then click on: Create New ParentsWeb Account

Follow the instructions using the email address that received setup email or it will not recognize you as affiliated with the school. It may take 10-15 minutes to get the reply email with the link for password selection. If you did not receive a setup email please contact the office.

On the menu on the left (PC) you will see FINANCIAL at the bottom, for mobile devices you will need to click on the MENU BARS in upper left, then you will see FINANCIAL at the bottom.

Once you are in the FINANCIAL menu, on PC there will be a box in upper right and there is a link to Set up a Payment Plan, for mobile devices you will need to scroll down. This is an admin view of an account, so it says “disabled”, as we cannot enter that information.

Once this is completed we will be notified that you are in a “PENDING” status and we can then enter your tuition and scholarships. If you have any questions or issues, please email Ms. Tammy. 🙂

You can also contact FACTS if it is outside of school hours:

2020 School Year

How are you returning to school? And when? 

We are starting August 5th, with optional KickStart classes for lower grade students beginning on July 20!

Thanks to our small school size and small class size, which give our students a learning environment in which they can learn without stress, we will also be able to open under “normal” school conditions and meet CDC, State, and Local guidelines.

We are a small private school that specializes in serving students with language processing disorders, such as dyslexia, but we also have students who attend because they thrive in our small, personal class environment. You can read more about our school and how it has impacted our students HERE.

Each class is limited to 10 or less, and classes of 5 or less are not uncommon. Each building, lower grades and upper grades, is limited to 40 or fewer students; and students & faculty are limited to their building only.

We also have outdoor classroom space and walking field trips & lessons, weather permitting. Our playground is also available for the lower grades under current local guidelines, because of our small size.

If your child is on an IEP in public school, you have a partial scholarship from the state, you can read more HERE. There is also a state tax credit scholarship that is still available for you to donate to and your child may be eligible to receive a scholarship, you can read more HERE.

If this is what you are looking for, contact us at 678-401-5855 or EMAIL to set up an appointment. Don’t delay, as space is limited!

School Closing Update

BREAKING NEWS: Governor Kemp has just announced that schools will remained closed through at least April 24, 2020. This is 2 weeks longer than we last anticipated. You can read more HERE.

We will continue to work diligently to deliver instruction to your students during this time and will keep you updated with any new developments.

Please check the Parent Portal for information regarding enrollment and financial aid extensions.

COVID-19 Update

In accordance with Governor Kemp’s suggestion yesterday and guidance from the Georgia Department of Health (DPH) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Brookwood Christian School will move to Distance Learning effective Monday, March 16. We will remain closed for the week and update you on a week by week basis.

While our campus will be closed, the education of your child will continue. All staff will work remotely to best support students, including delivering digital and physical instructional resources to students while they are at home. Teachers will be available from 9 – 3 (just like a regular school day) with a break from 11:30 – 12:20 for lunch and students to take a break. 

The decision to close schools was not easy. After the private schools in Cherokee & Bartow closed, and the closing of Kinkaid, we knew this would be inevitable, we just did not want to create a situation where families had a student at home and siblings at school. After reviewing the closures of the public schools yesterday, we knew the time had come to transition students to our distance learning model  and close campus. 

We know that you may have questions regarding how the school closure will impact you, and we will work to provide you the answers.

We will continue to keep you updated on the next steps during the school closure process as we turn to our distance learning resources. We are in the process of getting materials together and you will start receiving information from teachers if you haven’t already. We will also keep important information on our website.

We know this is a very difficult time for our school families and the community. We will work together to get through this.

Look for more information throughout the day including phone numbers and contact information.

Parent Alert

Research shows that SMS open rates are as high as 98%, compared to just 20% of all emails. And, on average, it takes 90 seconds for someone to respond to a text and 90 minutes to respond to an email.

Because of this, we send out time sensitive information via our Parent Alert System, which is part of our Emergency Alert System.

From our alert system:

Selecting the Emergency option will override Family Individual Preferences.

Parents who have replied “STOP” to a text sent by the school have blocked messages with their cell provider and will not receive texts.

Please note that regular Parent Alerts are sent with reminders, school closings, inclement weather, and traffic advisories that may be time sensitive and get buried in email. Please be sure your settings allow for these alerts. We all check our texts faster than email 

We will NEVER send an Emergency Alert for weather, traffic, or closings, only for actual EMERGENCY situations.

To check/change your settings, login to the Family Portal and follow the following steps:

  1. Pull down the FAMILY menu on the left
  2. Select FAMILY HOME
  3. On the right look for Family Alert Cell Phone and it should say YES. If it does, there’s no need to do anything else.
  4. If it says NO, select the EDIT pen.
  5. Select the appropriate parent name(s)
  6. Change from NO to YES.
  7. Be sure to SAVE the changes.
1. Pull down FAMILY menu
2. Select FAMILY HOME.
3. If circled region says YES, you are good
4. If not, select the EDIT pen
5. Select appropriate parent(s)
6. Change from NO to YES

School Closing Clarification

In light of recent events surrounding COVID-19 we want to clarify our school closing policy. We have previously stated that :

“If you hear Cobb County Schools close, we will automatically close. We will also close if any 2 of the following close: Bartow, Cherokee, Fulton, or Paulding. If conditions in your area are not safe to drive, and we are not closed, any absences will be excused.”

Please be advised this policy is with regards to closing because of weather conditions, which would make sense for us to close under those circumstances.

However, school closings as a result of illness are an entirely different matter and not based on similar criteria.

We will continue to be in contact with the Cobb County Health Department, the Georgia Department of Public Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, along with other appropriate state and federal agencies as we monitor any changing conditions.  Likewise, if any concerns arise in our school we will share that information with the appropriate departments immediately.

At this time we have no plans of closing school unless the above agencies order us to do so.

Fortunately, because of our accreditation, in that unlikely event, we have a plan that will not require us to make up days. Please note, we are NOT expecting any closings, but under the advice of health agencies, we are developing a plan in the event of a situation.

In the event we are ordered to close, we will send out a parent alert. Please make sure that your settings in the Family Portal allow you to receive these and click HERE for details regarding parent alert settings.

As with any communicable illness, we strongly urge families to keep sick children home and to limit contact with those who are ill.

Click HERE to find more information regarding measures we are taking at school regarding COVID-19.

Coronavirus Update

You are probably aware of recent events and the concern over the global 2019 novel coronavirus (also reported as COVID-19 or 2019-nCoV) outbreak.

Most of these cases have been reported in China, Europe, and other Asian countries. At this time there are 28 cases in the United States, over half if those are on the west coast. To date, there have been no cases reported in Georgia. However, with the media attention surrounding this event and the fact that your child’s health and safety are our highest priority, we want to assure you that we are closely monitoring this situation and are prepared to address any situation should it become a concern in Georgia and the Brookwood Christian community.

Common viruses circulate every year in the United States, and they usually cause upper respiratory illnesses such as the common cold (rhinovirus and other, non COVID-19, coronaviruses), influenza, adenovirus, etc. These can  have symptoms such as fever, cough, and shortness of breath, which are also symptoms of COVID-19. According to the Georgia Department of Health, the overall risk of coronavirus to the general public and schools is very low. However, that does not mean that we should not take reasonable cautionary steps and continue to monitor the situation.

For the general American public, who are unlikely to be exposed to this virus at this time, the immediate health risk from COVID-19 is considered LOW.

So far, it seems the new virus is more likely to infect older adults, particularly people with chronic health problems. And those who have died from the virus in China tend to be much older, with an average age in their 70s.

We are encouraging students to follow basic measures for everyday preventative steps to help prevent the spread of respiratory viruses, including:

• Wash hands regularly with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom or before eating. To ensure 20 seconds sing the Happy Birthday song twice or the ABC song, including the “now I know my ABCs” part.

• Dry hands! Wet skin spreads germs. Use paper towels rather than air dryers as studies have confirmed they spread germs at an alarming rate.

• If soap and water are not available,use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer (hand sanitizer should NOT replace hand washing if available).

• Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash, and wash hands afterward.

• Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth as much as possible.

• Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

• Keep sick children home from school and limit their contact with others while sick.

• Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces, including cell phones, keyboards, and doorknobs using regular household cleaning spray or a disinfectant wipe.

• Get a flu shot every year. It is not too late to get one now.

Brookwood Christian School is committed to the health and wellness of our students, faculty and families. We are following the above procedures at school and will send home students with fever or obvious signs of illness.

We will continue to be in contact with the Cobb County Health Department, the Georgia Department of Public Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, along with other appropriate state and federal agencies as we monitor any changing conditions.  Likewise, if any concerns arise in our school we will share that information with the appropriate departments immediately.

Fortunately, because of our accreditation, in the unlikely event of school closings, we are able to use distance learning and home assignments to count toward hours. Please note, we are NOT expecting any closings, but under the advice of health agencies, we are developing a plan in the event of a situation.


  1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Situation Summary. Atlanta, Georgia: Centers for Disease Control & Prevention; February 25, 2020.
  2. Journal of the American Medical Association. Characteristics of and Important Lessons From the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Outbreak in China. Chicago, IL: American Medical Association; February 24, 2020.
  3. Lysol.  Coronavirus: Understanding the 2019 Novel Coronavirus. Reckitt Benckiser LLC: Parsippany, NJ; (accessed 2/26/2020)
  4. Facitlity Management. The Great Debate: Paper Towels vs. Air Dryers. FM Communications: Danvers, MA; (accessed 2/27/2020)
  5. National Public Radio. Coronavirus Is Contagious, But Kids Seem Less Vulnerable So Far. Washington, DC: National Public Radio; February 20, 2020.

Emergency Alert TEST

Today at 5PM we will test our Parent Alert

We hope we never have to use this other than an annual test. We will NEVER do a test during school hours. If an Emergency Alert is sent during school hours, it will say “EMERGENCY” and it will be an actual emergency, and you will receive information and instructions.

Today’s TEST ALERT will read:

“This is a TEST of our EMERGENCY ALERT. No action is necessary. Thank you.”

If you do not receive today’s alert, please check your settings in ParentWeb. You may have to reset your selection.

Please be advised of the following from our alert system:

Selecting the Emergency option will override Family Individual Preferences.

Parents who have replied “STOP” to a text sent by the school have blocked messages with their cell provider and will not receive texts.

Please note that regular Parent Alerts are sent with reminders, school closings, inclement weather, and traffic advisories that may be time sensitive and get buried in email. Please be sure your settings allow for these alerts. We all check our texts faster than email 🙂

We will never send an Emergency Alert for weather, traffic, or closings, only for actual EMERGENCY situations.

Parent Meeting

We will have our Fall Parent Meeting this Friday, August 15 at 9 AM.

After you drop of your student(s), just park and stay for the meeting in the auditorium of the 200 building.

We will have coffee & tea while giving you an overview of school information and the upcoming year as well as answer any questions you may have regarding this school year, FACTS, volunteering, etc. This is optional but highly recommended for new parents, if possible.

We will also do a drawing for a door prize! 🙂

See you then!

Click for Facebook Event

Important FACTS Updates

Brookwood Christian is in the process of implementing several services to make things easier for our families, students, staff, and to consilidate & minimize redundancy in the office.

Features to look for:
-Premier Billing (FACTS Tuition & SIS merge)
-Grant & Aid Applications
-Online Application and/or Reenrollment


As many of you know, in Fall of 2017 we began utilizing FACTS Tuition to reduce the amount of time spent in the office dealing with bookkeeping and deposits. Within 3 months, the only regret we had was not doing it sooner!

During the Spring of 2018, McGraw-Hill announced that Engrade would no longer be an option for Student Information Systems (SIS) and Report Cards, so the logical step was RenWeb, a “sister company” of FACTS, both of whom have been leaders of these services for private schools across the U.S.

During the Fall of 2018, FACTS & RenWeb formally merged into one company and as we learned this summer at the FACTS conference, many changes are coming that will make things easier for both our families and staff.

The biggest one, which we are in process of implementing, is having FACTS Tuition and FACTS SIS system integrated into ONE easier to use system, Premier Billing. Below are some of the benefits for our families:

Simplified Enrollment

  • FACTS offers a faster, easier way for parents to enroll using Premier Billing. Parents simply select a payment plan as part of their enrollment/re-enrollment process.
  • Re-enrolling parents can pay registration fees using the stored bank account information in FACTS and view their enrollment fee payment in their FACTS financial activity.

Easy Login

  • Parents can view academic information and pay tuition and fees from any device with one username and password.
  • Premier Billing allows parents to access correspondence and account details, add funds to their prepay accounts, and make payments on tuition and bills from a single login.

Information Security

  • Your family data is kept under digital lock and key with the highest security standards in the industry.


This service will streamline applying for scholarships and aid (excluding the Georgia Special Needs (SB10) Scholarship). With a true, independently determined need of our families, this can not only make it possible to find other sources of funding, but also give a clear picture of need for other funding and grant writing.

  • Easy online application guides families through the entire process.
  • With one application and a single application fee, families can apply for aid at multiple FACTS schools.
  • All required verification documents are easily uploaded.
  • Families are alerted of their award status via email and can accept or decline online.
  • FACTS offers in-house customer service center staffed with best-in-class live agents and web chat.
  • Accessible through all modern internet browsers with a responsive design that gives families access through their preferred device, from desktop to tablet to phone.
  • FACTS provide the highest security standards in the industry when it comes to the collection and storage of financial and demographic data.


Using a cost-effective school enrollment solution allows us to go paperless and view applications and enrollment packets as they are completed – saving time, resources, and making school budget projections more accurate. Benefits for families include:

  • Easy applications. School admissions solutions shouldn’t be complicated. Responsive application design and pre-populated demographic fields make admissions and enrollment a breeze.
  • Quick and simple. Families can sign up for payment plans during enrollment or re-enrollment.
  • No paper needed. No more leaving work early to turn in school paperwork. Parents can make their application fee payment on the go and send/receive referral forms online.
  • Access from anywhere. Parents can complete application and enrollment packets with any device – from laptop to smartphone.


This service will make it easier for people to donate. Whether it’s our families, our alumni, or the broader community, this gives us the flexibility to create various appeals and events, and offers donors the ability to give via online gifts, text, pledges, event registrations, and more.

  • Donors can easily donate from any device via credit card, debit card, or ACH.
  • Text-to-give capability makes giving easy and convenient for our donors and for fundraising events.
  • Progress tracker updates, so donors can see their immediate impact on a project’s goals.
  • Donors can choose to cover transaction fees.
  • Supports one-time gifts, recurring donations, and pledges.
  • Email and text receipts make it easy to track individual giving and organize information for tax purposes.
  • No worries about payment or demographic information thanks to FACTS’ industry-leading security standards.

All four of these services are currently in
the implementation process. We will let you know once they are available for your use.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding during this process, we are confident that once implemented this will make things so much easier for all of us. If you have ANY questions, Ms. Tammy will be available during Sneak-a-Peak, Wednesday, August 7th from 1-3pm.

FACTS SIS Set Up Information

Please note that ONCE YOU START setup, you will have SIX HOURS TO COMPLETE SETUP!

Follow this link:

Then click on: Create New ParentsWeb Account

  • Follow the instructions using the email address that received setup email or it will not recognize you as affiliated with the school. It may take 10-15 minutes to get the reply email with the link for password selection. If you did not receive a setup email please contact the office.
  • Please note that your password must be 6-8 characters using at least one letter and one number and NO special characters. If you go over, it will not let you know, and you will have to contact FACTS to reset, so be careful!

  • Once you have completely registered, you should be able to login. On the menu bar at left you should see a link for “Web Forms”. When you click on that it will take you to a list containing “Family Demographic Form” which will display 6 forms that need completing at your earliest convenience.
  • Some information may already be complete, but please review for typos and transmission errors. We realize that some of this is the same information on your registration paperwork, but there is no other way to get it uploaded in a timely manner. Once this is completed, you will not have to do this again, other than address/phone#/email/etc changes as they occur. Items in brackets are optional [optional]
  • For each form, once you are finished, click “Save” at the bottom, then “Return to main form” up top to get to the next form.
  • Do not use “quotes” for any field. Doing so will invalidate that field and we will not see the information.
  • Please note that we will not allow your child to leave campus with anyone that is not
    • EMERGENCY CONTACT, or on the


Student Demographic Form:

  • Correct legal First, Middle, Last, plus Nickname, birthday, gender, ethnicity
  • Mailing address where student resides
  • Main Parent Contact as Home or Cell (depending),
  • email is for student school email, if applicable, otherwise leave blank
  • [Religious Affiliation]

Student Medical Form:

  • Physician & insurance Info – Please make sure Permission to treat is on correct preference and Insurance information is correct.
  • Please complete the medication list, using notes to tell us administration times at school, along with medical conditions & allergies.
  • Include anything you would want emergency responders to be aware of.
  • Be sure to check “yes” for permission to treat if you wish to have emergency responders/hospital treat you child in the event of an emergency. The default for this is “no” and without permission they will not be able to until you are able to be contacted to give permission.

Custodial Parent Form:

  • Name, phone number(s), email(s), and address(es) [birthday] [religious]
  • For each parent, the bottom there are buttons to select if and where you want alerts. Set those to your desired settings.
  • If a parent on birth certificate is not allowed custody of child, we need a copy of court order in office file and we will also set an alert in SIS.

Emergency Contacts:

  • You can list up to 20 people who we should contact in an emergency
  • Please list in order of how you want us to contact (hopefully we’ll never need these)

Approved Transportation Form:

  • Any regular pick ups please put in notes, i.e. ‘Suzy rides home with her Aunt Mary every Friday’ in Aunt Contact


  • [Any grandparent info you wish]
  • you can click Add Grandparent out in main menu.


Next Week Travel Advisory


Please be aware that Main Street is scheduled to be paved on Monday, April 22 and Tuesday, April 23 from the Caboose to roughly Dallas Street. The intention is to keep one lane open during the paving process, however please expect brief delays. Storefront parking from Lemon Street to Dallas Street will not be available during the paving.

On Wednesday, April 24 and Thursday, April 25 paving will move to the area under construction on Northside / Southside Drive. The intention is to keep one lane open during the process to allow access to the businesses located in the construction area.

2018 Tax Information

Depending on your tax situation your child’s tuition may count as a deduction for “medical” expenses, your accountant will be able to offer more advice.

Below are the instructions for printing your 2018 tuition total (Spring 2017-2018 plus Fall 2018-2019). Once printed, attach with the Tax Letter (click HERE) and give to your accountant.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


  • Click HERE to login to FACTS Tuition
  • After logging in, next to Payment Plan & Billing, Click on View Details,

  • Then click in the blue box that says View Payment Summary

  • The default should be 2018, click Print 

  • You should also be able to print as a pdf and email with the Tax Letter letter if necessary.


Weather for 1/29/2019

We are monitoring the weather situation for Tuesday, and remainder of the week. We will notify you should we close school.

Per our closing procedures, we automatically close whenever Cobb closes, or whenever 2 of the following close: Bartow, Cherokee, Fulton, or Paulding.

As always, should conditions where you live make travel unsafe, please stay safe, as absences for weather conditions are excused.

No School 12/10/2018

In the interest of the safety of our faculty and staff, there will be no school tomorrow…

  • Because of the high likelihood of black ice tomorrow, 12/11/2018, and
  • We have families traveling from 6 counties which will be impacted at various levels, combined with
  • It is not expected to get above freezing before 10AM at the earliest, making it likely that it will be 11AM before travel is safe

Please be safe and we will see you Wednesday.

Also… for future reference, remember that we always close if Cobb County closes, and we also close if any 2 of Bartow, Cherokee, Fulton, or Paulding close. However, because of our unique situation with students coming from various counties, we have a larger burden of safety than judging based on one county alone, so we may cancel before they do.