Power Outage

In the event power will be an issue tomorrow (12/13/2017), we will do everything we can to give you plenty of notice. Please understand that should something happen overnight, we won’t know until morning, but we will let you know as early as we possibly can. This also applies to any other unexpected event we are not anticipating :-/

Also, thanks for the quick pick up today 🙂

No School Monday, 12/11/2017

We visited the school today. All that shiny stuff is ice, and thick. Not only is it unlikely that all of it and all of the snow will melt, it won’t evaporate and will refreeze tonight. This will make the parking lot, sidewalks, and playground unsafe.

Consequently, we will not have school tomorrow. Enjoy the snow another day, see you Tuesday!



Friday Weather

UPDATE 2:50 PM:  With the rain this afternoon, probably turning into a wintery mix through the night, and temperatures dropping throughout the day tomorrow, in the interest of safety for the students and families, we will not have school tomorrow.

10:53 AM:  We are aware of the possibility of snow tomorrow and are monitoring the situation.  We will know by dismissal today whether or not we will have school tomorrow.

Christmas Shopping for a Cause!

One of our local businesses, Pearl’s Spa, set up this wonderful fundraiser during their recent open house, and it has been extended through the holiday season.

One Hope Wines is a Napa Valley winery that donates proceeds from every bottle & gift set to various causes, depending on the wine or gift set.  To date they have made more than $2 million in donations, providing over 2,600 clinical trials for cancer patients, 13,000 forever homes for shelter animals, 1.1 million meals for children, 33,000 life-saving vaccines and much more.

When you purchase a GIFT SET or a CASE FOR A CAUSE (30% off of MSRP) through the link below, not only does the charity on the bottle receive a donation, we will receive 10% of the proceeds!  Gift sets start at $49.99 plus shipping and they have something for every occasion as well as non-alcoholic sets.

This can take the stress out of your personal and corporate holiday shopping this year! Shopping must be done through the link below to qualify!


Please keep Pearl’s Spa, and our other local businesses, in mind while doing your Christmas Shopping. These businesses do so much to support us.

Note:  Someone 21 years or older must be at the delivery address to sign for the order.

November 29, 2017

Our story began when one of my twins was struggling to keep up with sight words in the first grade. She began to notice that other kids could remember a lot better than her, and she couldn’t keep up. She had been tested for ADHD through the school but fell into the classic school “umbrella” of what might be the problem.

It wasn’t until second grade when a very kind special ed teacher pulled me aside to let me know that Katie was a classic #dyslexic student and she needed more extensive services. I was then directed to Brookwood Christian. After her first week at her new school she declared “I’m never leaving”. For the first time she was acknowledged, understood and accepted for who she was and her abilities. Within the first month her stress rashes disappeared and she began to come into her own person.

It was shortly after Katie joined Brookwood that her twin Jessica was showing signs of struggling in several different areas at school. After having her tested, she fell under the “umbrella” but wasn’t getting what she needed. It was only after further testing that not only with her ADHD diagnosis, she also has an #AuditoryProcessingDisorder. Knowing what I did about Brookwood, it was the best choice for her as well.

Today they are thriving Freshmen who love not only school, but the family they have gained through our school. Brookwood Christian was the exact answer to lots of tears and prayers. Previous hours of homework struggles and the outbursts that accompany stressed out kids became the past.

I love Brookwood for not only the learning environment, but the extent that each staff member cares for the children’s personal well being. We feel like we have not only made friends for life, but family for life. It’s like coming home.

The Amazon Smile donations augment the costs of the #WilsonReadingand #FastForWord programs at Brookwood Christian School. So during this #SeasonOfSmiles, you can help support Brookwood Christian by shopping at: smile.amazon.com/ch/20-8499098

~Jan Murphy, Parent

November 28, 2017

When Kim first started BCS, I was more than a little nervous.  When she said she wanted to buy property and build, I was scared.  I was supportive, because I believed in her and knew it was what my daughter needed, but it wasn’t until I began working at the school in 2009 that I really understood.  It wasn’t about money or buildings or prestige.  It was about meeting kids where they are and really educating them.  

I have Dyslexia, and I struggled at first in school.  I had the support of a wonderful teacher and tutors to get me over the hump. What we have created here is a family that supports, encourages, and uplifts each other.  

The Amazon Smile donations augment the costs of the #WilsonReadingand #FastForWord programs at Brookwood Christian School. So during this #SeasonOfSmiles, you can help support Brookwood Christian by shopping at: smile.amazon.com/ch/20-8499098

~Kevin Wigington, Teacher

November 28, 2017

I have always been an educator since graduating from college in 1989. I had three degrees in education by the time my daughter was diagnosed with #dyslexia, and I had no idea what to do for her. I started to network, read, ask questions, study… anything I could do that would help my daughter learn to read. She was a good sport as I drove her from appointment to appointment day by day.

Private school, a resource teacher, tutoring, vision therapy, and occupational therapy was going to cost $40,000 per year. I couldn’t afford that, and she couldn’t learn without it! I realized I didn’t have the training to help her, but I could get it. We started to homeschool in November of her 2nd grade year. Within a week I was homeschooling 5 students around my kitchen table (which is now my desk at school).

In 2004 I had 18 students, so I took out a loan for $50,000, hired help, and rented a room from a church. In 2007 we outgrew that property. Brookwood Christian School became incorporated, and we bought our own property. Today BCS has outgrown our space again!

There is such a need in the community for kids who learn differently. In order to help more students, we are adding another building to the property to house our upper school. God is good.

The Amazon Smile donations augment the costs of the #WilsonReadingand #FastForWord programs at Brookwood Christian School. So during this #SeasonOfSmiles, you can help support Brookwood Christian by shopping at: smile.amazon.com/ch/20-8499098

~Kim Wigington, Headmaster


As you are making your end of the year tax deductible donations…

TODAY ONLY Facebook and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will be matching up to $2 million of funds raised on Facebook for US nonprofits. CLICK HERE to donate using the donate button at the top of our page.

Whether you have $10, $100, or $1000 to give, it all adds up! Especially when being matched! This is also a great way to maximize an end of year tax deduction.

WE need your help to reach our goal of raising $20,000 to furnish the new building and the Science Lab! Here are some ways to engage your friends, family and co-workers:

* Share information about #GivingTuesday on your social media accounts.

* Send an email challenging your co-workers, family and/or friends to give up the money they would spend on coffee and make a donation to Brookwood Christian! You could do the same with giving up lunch or dinner out. Stay home and play board games with your family instead of going to the movies, etc.

* Email your families, friends & contacts an email to encourage giving to Brookwood Christian.

And don’t forget to bring you gently used towels and blankets for our #GivingTowelTuesday!

November 28, 2017

I was diagnosed with #dyslexia when I was 7. I remember always going to some kind of therapy or tutoring session. I felt like I was different or something was wrong with me.

With the Wilson Reading System, vision therapy, occupational therapy, and lots of other help, I was able to read on grade level. The first books I read on my own, just to enjoy them, were the Twilight series books. I was so proud of myself.

Today I am a lead teacher in a preschool Montessori classroom. In May 2018 I will graduate from Kennesaw State University. I hope to open my own Montessori school one day.

The AmazonSmile donations augment the costs of the #WilsonReading and #FastForWord programs at Brookwood
Christian School. So during this #SeasonOfSmiles, you can help support Brookwood Christian by
shopping at: smile.amazon.com/ch/20-8499098

~ Kristen Wigington, BCS Graduate