Carter Hill Smith, Jr., 2017-2018

Hill spent 4 years with us at Brookwood Christian. In addition to success in his academics, he felt that his organizational skills were helped as well: “Not only was Brookwood Christian able to attain an environment to make the teaching more suitable, but also helped me advance in my learning. With the advances of Google Docs and Google Classroom Brookwood Christian has redefined the use of study among their students, making assignments and worksheets very organizable.”

Hill plans to attend Coastal College of Georgia to major in Business, and possibly pursue a career in solar panels.


Donovan Theodore, 2016-2017

Donovan started at Brookwood Christian 4 years ago when he moved from Louisville Kentucky after living there 11 years.  During his address, Donovan said:  “If someone ever asked me: ‘Who were your best friends?’ or ‘Who are the people you would never want to forget?’  I would say:  ‘The students at Brookwood Christian.’  He also thanked our principal, Kim Wigington, for “for creating a school where no one has to be afraid to be themselves, or feel ashamed for learning differently.”

Donovan plans to attend Chattahooche Tech and study Television Production.

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Alexei Kincer, 2015-2016

Alexei was the first student to give a Valedictory Address at graduation.  He spent 4 years with us at Brookwood Christian, and upon graduation he took a gap year to attend Capernwray Hall Bible School in England. Afterwards, Alexei plans to go to technical school and become an electrician.


During his address Alexei stated: “I am grateful to you all and I must never forget what I have learned from each of you here at Brookwood Christian; you really can make a difference in the lives of others if you look for and value each person as a unique creation of God.”

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Previous Valedictorians

Charlotte Smith  2014-2015
Andrew Cliver  2013-2014
Cole Gregory  2012-2013
Kristen Wigington  2011-2012