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Congratulations Aaron Strother

Posted 4/17/2017   [See on Facebook]

Aaron will be participating in the International Futbol X-change Program (IFX Soccer) after graduation! Plans include living with a host family on the Isle of Wight and in 2 years earn what they call a level 3 diploma (similar to an Associates Degree) in Physical Education. Aaron will also practice and play with an AFC Bournemouth League Team. Currently Bournemouth is a member of the Premier League and they have farm teams under that level.


Congratulations Keyeion Ashley!

posted 4/12/2017   [see on facebook]

Keyeion has been selected to participate in The Smithsonian Student Adventures 2017 Costa Rica 10 Day Surf & Service Program where students learn to surf from local professionals, practice Spanish language skills with locals, and contribute towards an environmental service project.

In addition to fundraising $1000 by himself, he was also awarded a $700 Journalism Fellows Scholarship by The Smithsonian Student Adventures program!

Journalism Fellows are responsible for documenting their study abroad experiences, whether it is through writing, photography, videography, or another medium.  After the trip they will use their notes and interviews to publish an original article or slideshow in their school paper, local newspaper, and/or other news sources.

Way to go Keyeion! We look forward to your publication!