We are ALMOST to Our Goal!

In 2018 Governor Nathan Deal signed House Bill 217 raising the $58 million cap on the Georgia Tax Credit Scholarship to $100 million. Because of this we saw our donations more than DOUBLE to $44,440 in 2019 from $20,900 in 2018.

In 2020 we set our goal at $50,000 and almost met it, raising $48,330. Though we set the same goal for 2021, we fully expected to not meet it as the strains of the pandemic had financial impacts on so many.

Well, in TRUE Brookwood Family and Acworth form…. y’all amaze us! We’re only $5,500 $5,000 from meeting that goal, and could not be more excited, amazed, and thankful!

As of 9/30/21, there are still $13.9 million in TAX CREDITS available for 2021. If you haven’t already, please consider this opportunity to help our students.

These scholarships help our students receive the services they need by allowing us to admit excellent, deserving student applicants and alleviate some of the financial hardships for their families. We ask that you help these students to reach their potential and achieve their dreams. Click HERE to see the impact of these scholarships.

APOGEE will continue to accept applications for the 2021 tax year through 12/01/21 or until the credits are exhausted, whichever comes first.

Taxpayers interested in applying for 2021 credit can complete the online submission form HERE and select 2021 under the “Select tax year you are applying for” dropdown menu. Also make sure to select BROOKWOOD CHRISTIAN LANGUAGE SCHOOL as there are other BROOKWOODS (Academy,etc).

For more detailed information about the scholarship, procedures, and how it impacts our students, click HERE. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Kim or Ms. Tammy.

Special thanks to our 2021 donors, and previous donors!

2021 Donors

Deborah & Matthew Ardis
Tracy & John Atha
Michelle & Paige Cook
Sherry & Patrick Gallagher
Meredith & Joshua Joiner
Angela & Mark Mauelshagen
Julie & John Pereira
Karen & Stephen Pitts

Eva & Geoffrey Reh
Rebekah & Warren Resh III
Jamie & Jeremy Ryals
Elizabeth & Bryan Schneider
Amy & Eric Steinlight
Tammy & James Urban
Terri & Mike Whitehurst
Kim & Kevin Wigington