Cobb EMC Community Foundation Helps Brookwood Christian School with Math Curriculum

Acworth, Georgia (February 25, 2021)​ –​ Brookwood Christian School has received a Cobb EMC Community Foundation sponsorship to upgrade our Teaching Textbooks Technology which has recently updated to an online only platform which will require dedicated computers for both our upper and lower grade buildings.

Teaching Textbooks presents mathematics within the context of real-world problems, which we think is important. Students need to see how math is used in a variety of applications which makes them better able to accept the necessity of learning new techniques. Many students gain motivation once they understand that their learning serves a practical end. Instead of mindlessly reviewing rote procedures that have lost their connection to concepts, each Teaching Textbook course reviews concepts as well as rote techniques. This builds skill while reinforcing the meaning of the material to the student, which is critical for students with special needs, who struggle with academics.

“​The recent COVID -19 closure showed us we need dedicated devices for each student for classroom use as well as the possibility of virtual learning​” said principal, Kim Wigington, “​Having enough devices for distance learning was a challenge, but fortunately Teaching Textbooks curriculum works great for both in person and distance learning should we need it again.”

This sponsorship will ensure our technology is upgraded to accommodate the Teaching Textbooks updates.


About Brookwood Christian

Brookwood Christian School is a private, non-profit, non-denominational Christian school that serves students who have not been successful in public or private schools due to their unique learning needs: individual or multiple learning disorders such dyslexia, reading & language processing disorders, auditory processing disorders, attention deficit disorder, neurological disorders, and other specific learning disabilities.

Most of our operating budget comes from tuition payments augmented by the Georgia SB-10 scholarship program. Eighty-six percent of our students receive some sort of financial assistance. Recognition such as this helps with our fundraising which helps keep our operating costs and tuition low.

About Cobb EMC Foundation

Many generous Cobb EMC members round their bills up each month, through Operation Round Up​, to donate to charitable organizations in our community. The Cobb EMC Community Foundation is a third-party foundation, separate from Cobb EMC employees and directors, set up to administer and distribute the funds collected through Operation Round Up. Decisions made by the ​volunteer board​ are based on funds available and the community impact of requests.


Tammy Urban
Development & Communications Director
Brookwood Christian School

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Admin Asst II ‑ Marketing & Corporate Communications
Cobb EMC