Brookwood Christian Earns a “Give with Confidence” 75/100 Rating From Charity Navigator

Acworth, Georgia (February 4, 2021)​ – Brookwood Christian School is proud to announce that its strong financial health and ongoing accountability and transparency have earned a 75/100 rating from Charity Navigator’s Encompass Rating System. This score designates Brookwood Christian as an official “Give with Confidence” charity, indicating that our organization is using its donations effectively based on Charity Navigator’s criteria. Charity Navigator is America’s largest and most-utilized independent charity evaluator. Since 2001, the organization has been an unbiased and trusted source of information for more than 8.5 million users annually. 

The Encompass Rating System is a comprehensive evaluation tool that analyzes nonprofit performance based on four key indicators. In July 2020, Charity Navigator released the first indicator, Finance & Accountability, to highlight nonprofit organizations demonstrating fiscal responsibility. This is determined by five metrics: Program Expense Ratio, Independent Audit or Financial Review, Board Composition, Liabilities to Assets, and Website Listing.  In October of 2020, this was quickly followed by the second indicator, Impact & Results, assessing how well a nonprofit delivers on its mission. The additional indicators, to be rolled out in the next 18-24 months, are Leadership & Adaptability and Culture & Community.

The Encompass Rating System enables Charity Navigator to increase the number of nonprofits it evaluates, growing from 9,000 to 160,000 nonprofits evaluated as of July 2020. In order to be more inclusive of smaller and more recently established nonprofits, the system uses a combination of automated methods and technology-supported manual research and analysis to provide donors and nonprofits with four clearly-visualized indicators of organizational effectiveness.

“We are delighted to provide Brookwood Christian with third-party accreditation that validates their operational excellence,” said Michael Thatcher, President and CEO of Charity Navigator. “We are eager to see the good work that the organization is able to accomplish in the years ahead.” 

 “Our Charity Navigator rating of 75 out of 100 through their Encompass Rating System is further validation that our supporters can trust our commitment to good governance and making the world a better place,” said principal, Kim Wigington. “We hope that it will introduce our work to new supporters who can help us advance our mission to serve students who have not been successful in public or private schools due to their unique learning needs.”

Brookwood Christian’s Encompass rating and other information about charitable giving are available free of charge on


About Brookwood Christian

Brookwood Christian School is a private, non-profit, non-denominational Christian school that serves students who have not been successful in public or private schools due to their unique learning needs: individual or multiple learning disorders such dyslexia, reading & language processing disorders, auditory processing disorders, attention deficit disorder, neurological disorders, and other specific learning disabilities. Most of our operating budget comes from tuition payments augmented by the Georgia SB-10 scholarship program. Eighty-six percent of our students receive some sort of financial assistance. Recognition such as this helps with our fundraising which helps keep our operating costs and tuition low.

About Charity Navigator
Charity Navigator was founded in 2001 by Pat and Marion Dugan, who were passionate about charitable giving and social investing but witnessed report after report of scandals at local and national charities. Marion and Pat decided to create an unbiased source of information that would provide charitable givers and social investors across the country with every type of charitable interest the tools necessary to make informed giving decisions.

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