COVID Puts the Microscope on Education Concerns

Tuesday, November 10, The Atlantic published an article from the December issue, “School Wasn’t So Great Before Covid, Either.” The author, Erika Christakis, an early childhood educator and New York Times bestselling author of The Importance of Being Little: What Young Children Really Need From Grownups, outlines not only the concerns with education for young children during a pandemic, but also the inherent flaws with traditional education prior to COVID-19. 

This analysis is so compelling, and focuses on the core of what we do and how we do it at Brookwood Christian, that we felt the need to discuss these observations combined with our philosophy and how we have already addressed these concerns at our school. 

Because it is such a lengthy and in-depth analysis, we broke this down to four posts on the following topics:

  1. Technology: Issues and Concerns that were Amplified during COVID
  2. Homework: Concerns with Overuse for Younger Students
  3. Mixed Age Learning: Benefits in Academics and Child Development
  4. Outdoor Learning: How a Pandemic Confirmed what Many of us Already Knew
  5. Final Thoughts: The Effects on Mental Health and How We Strive to Alleviate Them

These posts will ran from Monday, November 16 through Friday, November 20.

We hope they show how Brookwood Christian’s learning model was already ahead of many schools prior to the pandemic, and how we help students overcome struggles they encountered in a traditional education setting.

Pre Pandemic vs. Post Pandemic