School Supply Donations

Many of you have requested a list of supplies, as we will not be doing this the traditional way because of cancelling Sneak-a-Peek due to COVID-19. Unlike previous years, the teacher lists are for each student to bring so that we avoid unnecessary sharing of materials.

Please check back as this list will be updated as teachers are making their lists and you may also get information from them via email.

non classroom specific

* Toilet paper
* Paper towels
* Tissues
* Cleaning supplies
* Disinfectants
* Copy paper

Please send any of these donations to Ms. Danielle if your student is in 100 building, or Ms. Becky of your student is in 200 building. Or give to classroom teacher with note to give to either of them.


Ms. Alicia
* Spiral notebook (for math class only)
* Binder or folder with brads
* Paper
* Pencils
* Individual pencil sharpener (suggested)
* Earbuds or headphones
* Calculator:
For ALL applied math classes: Basic calculator that can perform basic functions of adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing,etc. NO calculators that perform higher functions.
For pre-algebra and above:
Texas Instruments TI-30Xa or equivalent (T-I30XS is what we use at school they are used to)

Ms. D’anna
* Paper Mate Pink Pearl Erasers, Medium, 24 Count $7.87
* TICONDEROGA Pencils, Wood-Cased, Unsharpened, Graphite #2 HB Soft, Yellow, 96-Pack (13872)   $10.28
* CN-Outlet Kids Bulk Earbud Headphones 50 Pack Multi Colored, Individually Bagged, Wholesale Disposable Earphones Perfect for School Classroom Libraries Students (50Mixed)

Ms. Deb
* Notebook paper
* 2″ Binders (for each class)
* Ticonderoga Pencils
* Amazon Gift Cards or Walmart Gift Card (to use for supplies through the year)

Ms. Kristen
* headphones for Mindplay (compatable with their chromebook)
* pencils, highlighters, makers, crayons
* lined paper
* index cards
* hand held pencil sharpener  

* Each Wilson student will need a notebook ONLY FOR WILSON to hold loose paper & can store in their lockers

Ms. Nadiya
Gift Cards:
* Hobby Lobby
* Michaels
* Walmart
* Target
* Please keep in mind that this year we cannot share any supplies. I will need to purchase an individual set for every student. Your generous donations are highly appreciated

Ms. Noelle
* 1″ Binder
* Pencils
* Pencil Holder
* Pencil Sharpener
* Ear buds
* $5-10 Target or WalMart card and I will buy whatever else is needed.

Ms. Terri
Health Classes
* Stretch bands
* 2 inch notebook or binder
Other Classes, as available
* Clorox wipes
* Lysol Spray