2020 School Year

How are you returning to school? And when? 

We are starting August 5th, with optional KickStart classes for lower grade students beginning on July 20!

Thanks to our small school size and small class size, which give our students a learning environment in which they can learn without stress, we will also be able to open under “normal” school conditions and meet CDC, State, and Local guidelines.

We are a small private school that specializes in serving students with language processing disorders, such as dyslexia, but we also have students who attend because they thrive in our small, personal class environment. You can read more about our school and how it has impacted our students HERE.

Each class is limited to 10 or less, and classes of 5 or less are not uncommon. Each building, lower grades and upper grades, is limited to 40 or fewer students; and students & faculty are limited to their building only.

We also have outdoor classroom space and walking field trips & lessons, weather permitting. Our playground is also available for the lower grades under current local guidelines, because of our small size.

If your child is on an IEP in public school, you have a partial scholarship from the state, you can read more HERE. There is also a state tax credit scholarship that is still available for you to donate to and your child may be eligible to receive a scholarship, you can read more HERE.

If this is what you are looking for, contact us at 678-401-5855 or EMAIL to set up an appointment. Don’t delay, as space is limited!