School Closing Clarification

In light of recent events surrounding COVID-19 we want to clarify our school closing policy. We have previously stated that :

“If you hear Cobb County Schools close, we will automatically close. We will also close if any 2 of the following close: Bartow, Cherokee, Fulton, or Paulding. If conditions in your area are not safe to drive, and we are not closed, any absences will be excused.”

Please be advised this policy is with regards to closing because of weather conditions, which would make sense for us to close under those circumstances.

However, school closings as a result of illness are an entirely different matter and not based on similar criteria.

We will continue to be in contact with the Cobb County Health Department, the Georgia Department of Public Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, along with other appropriate state and federal agencies as we monitor any changing conditions.  Likewise, if any concerns arise in our school we will share that information with the appropriate departments immediately.

At this time we have no plans of closing school unless the above agencies order us to do so.

Fortunately, because of our accreditation, in that unlikely event, we have a plan that will not require us to make up days. Please note, we are NOT expecting any closings, but under the advice of health agencies, we are developing a plan in the event of a situation.

In the event we are ordered to close, we will send out a parent alert. Please make sure that your settings in the Family Portal allow you to receive these and click HERE for details regarding parent alert settings.

As with any communicable illness, we strongly urge families to keep sick children home and to limit contact with those who are ill.

Click HERE to find more information regarding measures we are taking at school regarding COVID-19.