School Closed 1/29/2019

School Systems are already starting to close, and Governor Kemp has closed all government offices for tomorrow.

The weather should not be an issue until temps falling to freezing by early to mid-afternoon, which could cause problems on some roads, bridges and overpasses.  We do NOT want a repeat of 2014 where some students and faculty were stranded at school. So in the interest of safety, we will close tomorrow.

With a hard freeze overnight, lows by sunrise Wednesday around 22, any moisture left-over will be ice. We will continue to monitor conditions for Wednesday morning.

As always, if you hear Cobb County Schools close, we will automatically close. We will also close if any 2 of the following close: Bartow, Cherokee, Fulton, or Paulding. If conditions in your area are not safe to drive, and we are not closed, any absences will be excused.