2018 Spring Testing Results

OUR ANNUAL GOAL is to achieve an increase in reading level of at least half a year, ideally a full year.   It is not uncommon for many of our students to have seen no success with reading for 2-3 years before enrolling, so exactly when we see, and how much, improvement will vary from student to student.We are proud to say that this year’s graduates have all exceeded functional literacy levels, with each showing significant improvement on their initial scores.

Overall Reading Test ~ Average gain: 1.1 grade levels

  • 37% of students saw greater than a 1 year gain
  • 10% of students saw greater than a 2 year gain
  • Highest overall gain: 2.5 years
  • 74.3% of students gained 1 year or more on at least one of the subtests
  • 57.1% gained 2 years or more on at least 1 subtest
  • 43% gained at least 1 year on 2 or more subtests

The biggest gains were Passage Comprehension the most important test!

Average gain: 1.8 grade levels

  • 50% saw more than a 1 year gain
  • 35% saw more than a 2 year gain
  • 20% saw more than a 3 year gain
  • 17.1% saw more than a 4 year gain

Overall Math Test

25% of students saw greater than a 1 year gain in math, 10% saw greater than a 2 year gain!

Way to go students AND teachers!

2018 Commencement Exercises

Congratulations to the 2018 Brookwood Christian Graduates:

  • Keyeion Alexander Ashley
  • Tyler Scott Crawford
  • Samuel Keith Kull
  • Nathan Nails, Jr.
  • Mychael Allen Pharr
  • William Tyler Pike
  • Luke Carter Richards
  • Carter Hill Smith, Jr.
  • Michael Tanner Thompson

Graduation will be held at 6 PM at

First Baptist Church of Acworth,
4583 Church Street Acworth 30101

Graduates should arrive by 4:30 PM for rehearsal, and parents and families can start arriving at 5:30 PM.

Congratulations  #The9

Acworth Preservation Bike Ride

Please note that we have changed the date of the bicycle ride. There is a very high change of rain this weekend and we wanted our first tour to be an enjoyable one!

Buy your tickets NOW!  $20 if purchased by May 21; $30 after.

ALL proceeds benefit Acworth Historic Preservation.

Route and other details HERE

How many?


I can’t make it but would like to donate to the preservation of the smokehouse!