Ms. Kim’s Story

I have always been an educator since graduating from college in 1989. I had three degrees in education by the time my daughter was diagnosed with #dyslexia, and I had no idea what to do for her. I started to network, read, ask questions, study… anything I could do that would help my daughter learn to read. She was a good sport as I drove her from appointment to appointment day by day.

Private school, a resource teacher, tutoring, vision therapy, and occupational therapy was going to cost $40,000 per year. I couldn’t afford that, and she couldn’t learn without it! I realized I didn’t have the training to help her, but I could get it. We started to homeschool in November of her 2nd grade year. Within a week I was homeschooling 5 students around my kitchen table (which is now my desk at school).

In 2004 I had 18 students, so I took out a loan for $50,000, hired help, and rented a room from a church. In 2007 we outgrew that property. Brookwood Christian School became incorporated, and we bought our own property. Today BCS has outgrown our space again!

There is such a need in the community for kids who learn differently. In order to help more students, we are adding another building to the property to house our upper school. God is good.

~Kim Wigington, Headmaster

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