Mellie’s Story

The first book I ever had to read for a grade was “The Westing Game”. I read it in elementary school, and I still have no idea what it’s about, because I never actually read it. I couldn’t. I didn’t know how. It felt impossible to sound out any of the scrambled words on the page.

My teachers told me I was lazy, and that I could read it. They thought I was trying to get out of working, which wasn’t true. I worked harder trying to read that book than I ever had before. They made me feel ashamed of myself; even trying my hardest, I couldn’t read it. Everyone in my class thought I was stupid, and it was okay because the teachers did, too.

Then, I was diagnosed with #dyslexia, which led me to Brookwood Christian School. From the beginning, everyone was kind and understanding. Many students at Brookwood also have disabilities, so for the first time, I wasn’t alone.

The teachers are specially trained and willing to help struggling students and never belittle them for their differences. Some teachers even have their own disabilities that they have overcome. The amount that I improved during my first year at Brookwood was life changing. Before I began going there, I could barely read; now reading and writing are my favorite activities.

Brookwood encouraged me when I needed it most, and it still encourages me to this day to succeed even when all odds are against me.

~Mellie Finkel, Student

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*EDIT: Since this post, Mellie has graduated, is enrolled in college, and working part time at Brookwood Christian as an office assistant.