Deb’s Story

Meg is a very bright, hard working, and intelligent girl. However, learning has been extremely challenging given she has #dyslexia#ADHD#AuditoryProcessingDisorder, and expressive receptive #LanguageDisorder. In the public school system, Meg quickly fell behind and often felt inferior to other students. Realizing that her educational needs were not being met, we began looking into private schools. Even at the private schools we tried, we found that the instruction was not appropriately tailored to our daughter’s educational needs.

Since attending Brookwood Christian, Meg has flourished at school. Brookwood teachers are willing to invest in her as a person. They never give up until they have found a teaching method that allows her to understand and remember what is being taught. The Wilson and Fast ForWord reading programs have helped Meg immensely. For the first time, Meg looks forward to going to school. The teachers don’t rush her or become impatient with her which means a lot to Meg. In Meg’s own words, “this is the first school where I can actually learn.” Meg is so well instructed that she can do her homework independently for the first time.

~Deb Henrie, parent

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