Ms. Julie’s Story

Brookwood Christian School has been the answer to my prayers!

My son was diagnosed with #AuditoryProcessingDisorder 3 years ago. He was in public school at the time and struggling to learn how to read. I was told that he had a short term memory problem and that he would probably not be able to read. He was being pulled out of class most of the day and hated it. He referred to them as stupid people classes and thought he was being pulled out because he was stupid.

For me, that was the last straw. I knew my son was not stupid and could learn to read with right support. Luckily I found Brookwood Christian School! My son started Brookwood 5 weeks ago and was immediately placed in Fast ForWord and Wilson Reading. He was reading 3 weeks into the programs.

Blake went from not being able to read to reading 3 letter words in 3 weeks. I love listening to him read and see the pride on his face when he finishes a story!! I cannot thank Brookwood Christian School enough for what they have done for my son!! They have answered my prayers and given my son confidence in himself!!

~Julie, parent & staff member

The Amazon Smile donations augment the costs of the #WilsonReading and #FastForWord programs (#dyslexia) at Brookwood Christian School. So during this #SeasonOfSmiles, you can help support Brookwood Christian by shopping at: