Jan’s Story

Our story began when one of my twins was struggling to keep up with sight words in the first grade. She began to notice that other kids could remember a lot better than her, and she couldn’t keep up. She had been tested for ADHD through the school but fell into the classic school “umbrella” of what might be the problem.

It wasn’t until second grade when a very kind special ed teacher pulled me aside to let me know that Katie was a classic #dyslexic student and she needed more extensive services. I was then directed to Brookwood Christian. After her first week at her new school she declared “I’m never leaving”. For the first time she was acknowledged, understood and accepted for who she was and her abilities. Within the first month her stress rashes disappeared and she began to come into her own person.

It was shortly after Katie joined Brookwood that her twin Jessica was showing signs of struggling in several different areas at school. After having her tested, she fell under the “umbrella” but wasn’t getting what she needed. It was only after further testing that not only with her ADHD diagnosis, she also has an #AuditoryProcessingDisorder. Knowing what I did about Brookwood, it was the best choice for her as well.

Today they are thriving Freshmen who love not only school, but the family they have gained through our school. Brookwood Christian was the exact answer to lots of tears and prayers. Previous hours of homework struggles and the outbursts that accompany stressed out kids became the past.

I love Brookwood for not only the learning environment, but the extent that each staff member cares for the children’s personal well being. We feel like we have not only made friends for life, but family for life. It’s like coming home.

~Jan Murphy, Parent

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