We just finished our 2017 Spring Testing season…

and our Little Dyslexia School Teachers and Students have done an amazing job this year!
We were fortunate enough to receive a grant from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation (DGLF) for the 2016-2017 school year. DGLF generously helps out schools and non-profits that target literacy, especially, below grade level readers, readers with learning disabilities, and students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).

OUR GOAL was to achieve an increase in reading level of at least half a year, ideally a full year.   It is not uncommon for many of our students to have seen no success with reading for 2-3 years before enrolling, so exactly when we see, and how much, improvement will vary from student to student.

Overall Reading Test ~ Average gain: 1.2 grade levels

  • 45.7% of students saw greater than a 1 year gain
  • 20% of students saw greater than a 2 year gain
  • 3 students saw 3+ years gain
  • Highest gain: 3.3 years
  • 2nd Highest: 3.1 years
  • 91.4% of students gained 1 year or more on at least one of the subtests
  • 71.4% gained 2 years or more on at least 1 subtest
  • 45.7% gained at least 3 years on at least one subtest
  • 40% gained at least 1 year on 2 or more subtests
  • 25.7% gained at least 2 years on 2 or more subtests

The biggest gains were seen on Passage Comprehension

the most important test!

Average gain: 1.8 grade levels

  • 60% saw more than a 1 year gain
  • 45.7% saw more than a 2 year gain
  • 34.3% saw more than a 3 year gain
  • 17.1% saw more than a 4 year gain

Way to go students and teachers!!