Photographing Eclipse and Cell Phone Damage

Please be aware that taking pictures of the eclipse with your smart phone could possibly damage the image sensor.  WSB-TV explains in a video how this happens and shows how you can use a pair of safety glasses as a filter, making sure you are not looking directly at the sun yourself.

Here is an interesting way to safely film the eclipse with your smartphone:

This is also an interesting video on how photographing an eclipse can damage a regular camera.

Photography tips if you have a solar filter:

B&H Photo and Video
Meade Instruments

Photograph: American Astronomical Society

Students build a Sun Funnel

Students building a Sun Funnel for the Eclipse Viewing Party on Monday, August 21.

They constructed it in class then took it outside to test it and fine tune it.  This is one of the 3 viewing stations we will have in addition to each student having a pair of solar glasses.

TOP LEFT: Hill and John help Mr. Kevin size the funnel ~ TOP RIGHT: Fine tuning and adjusting the funnel ~ BOTTOM: Hill, Mellie, Jess, Will, and Mr. Kevin testing it out.
How we expect it to look during the eclipse

4 Days until the Eclipse!

With 4 days until the 2017 Solar Eclipse, we thought we’d share some of the cool information we have found.

First, please be assured that we have purchased legitimate eclipse glasses from a source TSE17, not a third party vendor, recommended by  the American Astronomical Society from a link on the NASA Eclipse viewing recommendations.  They have been verified by an accredited testing laboratory to meet the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard for such products.

Solar Eclipse Eye Safety, by B. Ralph Chou, BSc, MSc, OD, FAAO, Professor Emeritus, School of Optometry & Vision Science University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada has some great information regarding safe viewing of the solar eclipse, as well as the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Binocular Viewer

In addition to having eclipse glasses, we will have alternative viewing stations such as as Sun Funnel, which some students will be building tomorrow, as well as the binocular viewer shown to left.  Students can easily build a pinhole viewer like the one on the below as well.  Here are some other ways to view the eclipse by Exploratorium.


Pinhole Viewer

We plan to have a temperature tracking station as well as students observing for changes in wildlife behavior.  TCPICS will also be here to take safe pictures of the eclipse.  We will also take pictures of the viewers during various phases of the eclipse and we plan to stream live on Facebook.   Students will NOT want to photograph the actual eclipse as it can potentially damage the image sensor if a proper filter is not used.  If they photograph other things, and the crowd, they should NOT USE A FLASH as it will ruin the dark adaptation of people’s eyes and spoil the show.  (see info below)

We hope to have a very memorable day where the students experience an amazing celestial phenomena.

Below are some eclipse related links sorted by topic:

Photography resources:

Meade Instruments:

General Eclipse Information:

History of Eclipses:

Intersection of 2017 and 2024 Eclipses:

Eclipse Maps from 1651 to 2150:

NASA JPL Eclipse Simulator:

Time & Date Eclipse Simulator:

Eclipse Calculator (enter GPS Coordinates and Altitude)
GPS calculator:
Altitude calculator:

Keyeion went to Costa Rica!

Keyeion was selected to participate in The Smithsonian Student Adventures 2017 Costa Rica 10 Day Surf & Service Program this past summer.  This is an awesome program where students learn to surf from local professionals, practice Spanish language skills with locals, and contribute towards an environmental service project.

In addition to fundraising $1000 by himself, he was also awarded a $700 Journalism Fellows Scholarship by The Smithsonian Student Adventures program!

Journalism Fellows are responsible for documenting their study abroad.  Read Keyeion’s article, “Surf and Service in Costa Rica“.  Great Job Keyeion!

Georgia Tax CREDIT!!

Do you want a Georgia TAX CREDIT?  PLUS a Federal charitable contribution donation? AND a tuition discount of 40% of your approved donation? 

The 2018 Georgia Tax Credit Scholarship Season is open!

Last year we received almost $7,000 to award in scholarships. . .  we would LOVE to double that amount this year!

You can make a donation to a State registered SSO, which we receive, and then you get a dollar-for-dollar Georgia tax credit,


AS WELL AS a Federal charitable contribution deduction.  Also, If you have a student enrolled, you can receive a discount on 2018-2019 tuition of 40% of your approved donation.

There are also benefits for C-Corps, Trusts, and those who receive *Pass through Income*.

Click here for video explanation of how this works or visit

New Student Driving & Parking Policy

Please be reminded that all student drivers must have the Student Parking Permit Application & Vehicle Registration AND the Student Parking Contract completed, signed, and turned in, along with a copy of driver’s licence and insurance card for that vehicle (we can make copies in office)  PRIOR to driving and parking on campus.

Students wanting to drive and park on campus the first day of school may want to submit all the documents during sneak-a-peek, Continue reading “New Student Driving & Parking Policy”

BCS Eclipse Party 2017

EDITED: Wednesday, August 16, 5:15 PM

On Monday, August 21, we will be having an eclipse party for students and parents who wish to join us. The entire day of instruction will be focused on the eclipse and we will be running a modified schedule:

  • During the morning classes we will be having age & grade appropriate eclipse lessons and activities
  • At 11:30 we will start serving lunch, thanks to our very own grillmaster, Mr. Jerry.
  • At 1:04:52.5 PM the eclipse will begin (alt 66°), and we will have a Hawaiian Ice truck there for treats, on us!  At this time,  all students will be outside on the field by the school for the viewing. See note below regarding safety glasses.
  • At 2:35:40.5 PM, maximum coverage for the eclipse (alt 65°) (97.59%)
  • At 2:50 PM we will begin getting students ready for pick-up
  • At  4:00:54.1 PM the eclipse will be over (alt 52°).  We will still be here if necessary for unexpected late pickups as a result of traffic.

If you plan to come observe with us, please park at First Baptist Church, just on the other side of the 92 overpass, and walk down.  We will most likely have to use the parking lot as the trailer may not be picked up by then.

We are asking that parents delay arriving for pick up until 3:00 pm or later, as we have very limited space and all the students will be outside, it will be very dark around 2:35 during the peak of the eclipse. We want to ensure the safety of all students. Students can stay until 4:00 if they wish, to see the entire eclipse.  The trailer will not be removed yet so our planned viewing area is now the parking lot.

We also realize that with Cobb, Paulding, and Marietta City schools all delaying dismissal, as late as 45 minutues, there may very likely be unusual traffic patterns so we are prepared for later pick ups as a result.

If you wish to keep your student home that day, or take a family trip to northeast Georgia to view the eclipse in the path of totality, or to some local science event, it will be considered an excused absence.  However PLEASE take pictures and share them with us on social media!

Happy Eclipsing!

**We have enough safety glasses for all of the students and teachers, plus some extras.  These glasses are certified to meet the standards for DIN ISO 12312-2-2015, They are approved by the ICS Institute for optimal safety.  We will also have plenty of instruction on the dangers of looking directly at the sun.

We are not in the path of totality,
there will be NO SAFE TIME to view
the eclipse without safety glasses.

What we are expecting to see at maximum coverage.