Thank You!

We would like to thank everyone for a wonderful eclipse event yesterday!  From the helping clean up to pickup going so smoothly, it couldn’t have happened without you!

We have over 100 pictures to sort through and then we will post them here.   Here is another preview of some.

Mr. Jerry & Ms. Annette on grill duty!
Flavors of Hawaii Truck was a HIT!
Getting ready for maximum eclipse!
Shadows through the trees!


8/21/2017… Where were you?

… we were at school and today was one of the most memorable days for our students and visitors from the community!  Here is as sneak preview of pictures to come on our very own eclipse2017 page, once we can go through all the pictures!  We hope you enjoy!

Left to right: Pinhole Viewer, Sun Funnel, Binocular Viewer, TC Pics with camera streaming.
Special thanks to our own meteorologist, Tyler C., for recording the temperatures as the eclipse progressed! GREAT data!
Ms. Kara and students made moonpie eclipses! They were so tasty, this was all that was left, and not for long!
Hawaiian Ice truck, well needed with the heat, and everyone LOVED it!
Views of eclipse through the sun funnel. Thanks to the students who helped in its design process!
Baby eclipses as seen through the trees!

We will have many more pics posted soon… stay posted!

Photographing Eclipse and Cell Phone Damage

Please be aware that taking pictures of the eclipse with your smart phone could possibly damage the image sensor.  WSB-TV explains in a video how this happens and shows how you can use a pair of safety glasses as a filter, making sure you are not looking directly at the sun yourself. Continue reading “Photographing Eclipse and Cell Phone Damage”

Students build a Sun Funnel

Students building a Sun Funnel for the Eclipse Viewing Party on Monday, August 21.

They constructed it in class then took it outside to test it and fine tune it.  This is one of the 3 viewing stations we will have in addition to each student having a pair of solar glasses.

TOP LEFT: Hill and John help Mr. Kevin size the funnel ~ TOP RIGHT: Fine tuning and adjusting the funnel ~ BOTTOM: Hill, Mellie, Jess, Will, and Mr. Kevin testing it out.
How we expect it to look during the eclipse

4 Days until the Eclipse!

With 4 days until the 2017 Solar Eclipse, we thought we’d share some of the cool information we have found.

First, please be assured that we have purchased legitimate eclipse glasses from a source TSE17, not a third party vendor, recommended by  the American Astronomical Society from a link on the NASA Eclipse viewing recommendations.  They have been verified by an accredited testing laboratory to meet the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard for such products. Continue reading “4 Days until the Eclipse!”

Keyeion went to Costa Rica!

Keyeion was selected to participate in The Smithsonian Student Adventures 2017 Costa Rica 10 Day Surf & Service Program this past summer.  This is an awesome program where students learn to surf from local professionals, practice Spanish language skills with locals, and contribute towards an environmental service project.

In addition to fundraising $1000 by himself, he was also awarded a $700 Journalism Fellows Scholarship by The Smithsonian Student Adventures program!

Journalism Fellows are responsible for documenting their study abroad.  Read Keyeion’s article, “Surf and Service in Costa Rica“.  Great Job Keyeion!

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